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Why We Must Believe Democrats Are Committed to Steal Trump’s Win 2020 Election

Democrats Are Committed to Steal Trump's Win 2020 ElectionTrump Loses Lead: At the far end of the 2020 election, with Trump wrapping up the race – you maybe thought “These crazy Dems wouldn’t DARE do stupid anti-Trump tricks right out in the open!” Again, you would  be wrong. America went abed with Donald comfortably ahead. But during the night, astounding trainloads of ballots appeared from the Devil’s Workshop to blot out Trump’s victory! 

Compare: Now, consider: What’s harder: Colluding with dozens of active FBI agents, a sitting President, Vice President, former Sec State, heads of the FBI and CIA, a Russian agent, and hundreds of DC bureaucrats to frame a new president? OR to take a few thousand ballots and falsify an election? 


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